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Our Story

Welcome to, a global platform that connects Consignment Funders and businesses for local and cross-border consignment deals. Our platform is powered by the iNstockEC Trade Enablement Ecosystem, an innovative solution endorsed by Hong Kong Cyberport in 2022. This cutting-edge technology employs data analytics and machine learning algorithms to enable real-time monitoring and analysis of trade activities, supporting to provide continuous inventory to receivables tracking and transaction reconciliation of each consignment deal for our Members. serves a diverse range of Consignment Funders and Sellers from various industries and locations, enabling businesses of all sizes to participate in seamless and secure consignment deals. As a part of iNstockEC Technology Limited, is committed to facilitating efficient, profitable, and transparent transactions for our users worldwide.


Thank you for choosing as your trusted partner for taking your life and business to the next level.

iNstockEC Trade Enablement Ecosystem

The iNstockEC Trade Enablement Ecosystem is a proprietary trade management system developed by iNstockEC Technology Limited. This cutting-edge solution received endorsement from Hong Kong Cyberport in 2022 and became one of the start-up grantees of its professional programs. The Ecosystem utilizes data analytics and machine learning algorithms to provide continuous monitoring and analysis of trade activities, enabling users to make informed financial and risk management decisions.


The Ecosystem facilitates identifying and assessing sales opportunities and converting them into commercial / consignment deals that come with ongoing performance monitoring for Funders, while also enabling Sellers to acquire inventory for sale to earn extra profits and business growth without upfront payment.


iNstockEC Trade Enablement Ecosystem provides a comprehensive solution for managing the new consignment financing models as well as the traditional commercial credit line transactions.  The system's advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms help to identify sales opportunities, optimize commercial / consignment deal performance, and provide valuable insights into business operations.

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