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What is ATM Exchange?

ATM Exchange is a members-only platform that connects Consignment Funders and Sellers in a streamlined and efficient way. We convert Sellers' sales opportunities into consignment deals, providing Consignment Funders with a higher passive income option at minimal risks. Our solution unlocks the potential for higher profits and business growth, Sellers can expand their product offerings at favorable prices and earn extra profits without the financial pressure of purchasing merchandise upfront. ATM Exchange integration with the iNstockEC Trade Enablement Ecosystem provides real-time risk management updates to both parties, ensuring that every Consignment Deal transaction is transparent and secure.

Join ATM Exchange today and experience the future of consignment deals - a secure, reliable, and efficient platform that puts your needs first.


I am a Funder

ATM Exchange will accompany you along the way. To begin, simply reach an agreement on the consignment period with a Seller member, as you would in a standard consignment deal. From there, we'll manage inventory allotments and risk control on your behalf, ensuring that everything runs smoothly throughout the process.


I am a Seller

ATM Exchange will accompany you along the way. To get started, simply propose a profit-sharing ratio with a Consignment Funder member, as you would in a typical consignment deal. We'll take care of the entire execution process and event management, making the entire experience hassle-free for you.

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